Saturday, 2 August 2014

Top 10 database management software | best database management software

Hey guys today i am going to tell you the name of best 10 data base management software using in all over world this time.

Top 10 Database Software Systems

The most powerful database systems running today’s enterprise businesses around the world:

1.Oracle – Oracle Enterprise Server, designed for grid computing, is the best RDBMS, running on multiple platforms, with the latest version 11G.

2.DB2 – DB2 is the database management system that delivers a flexible and cost-effective database platform to build robust on demand business applications. The DB2 Universal Database (UDB) Enterprise Server Edition 7 (ESE) is one of the best RDBMS.

3.SQL Server – Microsoft SQL Server is a comprehensive database software platform providing enterprise-class data management and integrated business intelligence (BI) tools.

4.Sybase – Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) is a high-performance, mission-critical database management system that gives customers an operational advantage by lowering costs and risks
5.Teradata – Teradata Database, currently on Version 2 Release 6.0, is the most powerful Very Large Database (VLDB) system. Many largge scale data warehousing and business intelligence systems are powered by Teradata.

6.ADABAS – Adabas made by Software AG, once was the most powerful mainframe database, now runs in multiple platforms, and provides superior reliability and performance.

7.MySQL – A open source database, mySQL is the most popular database for web-based business applications, and is moving to enterprise level.

8.FileMaker – FileMaker Pro 8.5 is the #1-selling easy-to-use database software for Windows and Mac OS. FileMaker Server 8 maximizes performance of shared databases while increasing security.

9.Access -Microsoft Access is the most used desktop database applicaiton in Windows.

10.Informix -Informix, now under IBM, once was the most promised object-oriented database.

if you think my post is wrong then its a request feel free to comment.....


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